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Buy Carcat rat repellent from our website & get 3 months warranty free
"Unleash the Power of Ultrasonic Technology: Your Ultimate Solution for Rat-Free Spaces. Plug, Play, and Bid Farewell to Rats, Safely and Effortlessly!"
From ₹1999
Easy Installation

This device is very easy to install, first insert the plug of the device into the electrical board, then turn on the switch. And set the frequency and volume according to the guide that came with the machine. Because you can just plug and play this device. It does not require any technical knowledge.

No Chemicals

The sound of the frequency in this device is ultrasonic, which is the sound of a snake species, this sound gives the impression to the rat that there is a snake nearby and this sound constantly affects the rat's brain directly and from it. The same rats are forced to leave the area.Therefore, no hazardous chemicals or poisons need to be used, even dead rats / mice need not be removed.

100% Safe

It is safer than traditional rat repellents.Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and household pets, environment friendly alternative to dangerous poisons and Sprayers, chemicals and traps, no bad smell and Corpses.The device does not affect pets such as dogs, cats, fish or birds and is not harmful to humans.

Warranty & Life

This Device is made by and made in India. and it has 1 year of Warranty It life durability is minimum 7-8 years. : This machine will save you thousands of rupees in paying for termination of pest control service and also prevent damage to your equipment.


Ultrasonic Technology

 Choose a rat repellent that utilizes ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic sound waves are high-pitched and inaudible to humans, but they can create discomfort for rodents, including rats, making them want to stay away from the area.

Safe for Pets and Humans

Make sure the repellent is safe for you, your passengers, and any pets that might ride in your car. The ultrasonic waves should target rodents without affecting humans or pets.

Effective Coverage

 Ensure that the rat repellent provides adequate coverage for the interior of your car. Look for a product with a range suitable for your car’s size to ensure that all areas are protected.

Certified Performance

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